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CCrypto Account Features

Crypto – an account denominated in MBT (1 MBT = 0,001 BTC) with trading conditions similar to the Standard Market account except for the possibility of trading stocks. This account type has a floating spread and doesn’t require any commission to place orders for currency pairs and metals.

Ejecución de órdenes Market execution
Depósito inicial MBT 10
Apalancamiento 1:500 1
Precios decimales Hasta 5 dígitos
Volumen de pedido de 0.01 con paso 0.01
Propagar Flotante desde 1.3 pips
Cuenta Islámica -
Tiempo de negociación Lunes 00:00 / Viernes 23:55 Eastern European Time (EET)
Comisión - 2
Nivel Stop Out 20%
Margen para cerraduras 50%
Cuenta de dinero MBT
Instrumentos comerciales 42 Forex; 7 Metals; 13 Indices; 11 Commodities; 2 Bonds; 27 Cryptocurrencies 3
Protección de saldo negativo Yes
  1. More detailed information on leverage ratios is available at this link.
  2. No commission is charged on currency pairs, metals and indices.
  3. The maximum cumulative volume for cryptocurrency positions is $300,000.