We have increased the leverage to 1:1000

Dear clients! We are glad to inform you of the development in the terms of the Direct and Classic accounts margin trading. Now you can use a 1:1000 leverage, which will allow you to make big-ticket trades on financial markets, even with a minimum starting deposit. You can use this increased leverage if equity level do not exceed 5000 USD.

1:1000 leverage trading opportunity brings you a number of advantages:

  • it lowers the costs at the start of trading;
  • it allows you to use account funds more effectively;
  • it expands the range of trading strategies;
  • it allows you to tighten control over risks.

We should also state that when the Equity level in your account increases $5000, the leverage will go to 1:500 automatically. And visa versa, once the account balance is lower than this threshold, the leverage will increase to 1:1000.

How to activate a 1:1000 leverage:

  • To change the leverage for your current AMarkets account, send us your request via your Profile in “Trading — Change Leverage”.
  • When you open a new account with the equity level that does not increase $5000, a 1:1000 leverage will be set automatically.

IMPORTANT: when changing the leverage for your current account, you need to reconnect to your account in MT4 terminal for the margin parameters to be correctly displayed. We also recommend you to read the detailed terms and conditions of using the increased leverage.

This new feature is accessible for all Forex trading instruments, except for the currency pairs with the fixed leverage.

We wish you successful trading in AMarkets with this new feature!