Use Islamic accounts to trade Forex

Do you want to trade currency and invest in shares of the world’s largest companies, but religious restrictions do not allow you to? We are glad to inform you that a special Islamic account is available for you in AMarkets, where there is no payment for the transfer of trades and no interest is accrued. Instead of swaps, a commission equal to the amount of swaps will be charged, and it can be either positive or negative.

Advantages of the Islamic account:

  • Orders on Islamic accounts are processed with the highest speed and accuracy of execution.
  • There is no accrual of interest on overnight positions.
  • Spreads from 0 points.
  • 100% compliance with Sharia.
  • More than 250 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals and CFDs.

Open an Islamic account in a couple of steps:

  • Open a Direct, ECN or Classic account.
  • Fund your account. The minimum deposit to activate an Islamic account is $100.
  • Write a request to your personal manager to change the account status. In the request, specify the number of the trading account you want to change.
  • After processing the request, your account will be assigned the status of islamic account.

Open Islamic account