Clients’ Profitability in December

Another month has passed and we are here with our routine report on clients’ profitability.
In December 2017, 37% of our clients were profitable, moreover, clients with accounts greater than $10,000 showed 39,7% success rate.
43% of the clients closed December within the range of -$100 and +$100.
The champion was a trader who traded crypto currency and shares. The client used the maximum leverage of 1:50, and the maximum drawdown on the account was 13%.
The main volume of transactions of an outsider fell on the pair EURUSD. Due to the lack of protective orders, the lack of compliance with the management of the management and the misleading forecast for traded financial instruments, the client, as a result of the previous month, was at a loss.
We wish our clients successful trading!
AMarkets Team