AMarkets held its first seminar in Khujand

AMarkets professional traders and analysts held a free seminar in Khujand on June 17. It was the first educational event organized for our clients in Tajikistan.

In the seminar, AMarkets specialists touched upon the following questions:

  1. why currency exchange rates fluctuate and how professionals earn money from it;
  2. what first steps to take to start trading the financial markets with AMarkets;
  3. how to make a profit from trading currency, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies;
  4. effective risk and money management to trade the financial markets;
  5. best investment opportunities in the next six months.

Our introductory seminar has been designed to help participants better understand how the financial markets operate so that they could apply this knowledge in their trading.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in this meeting. Thank you for taking time to attend our seminar.

Would you like to attend our events? We will be happy to see you at the forthcoming conferences.